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Alumier MD Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work to resurface and improve overall skin health. They can be used to improve skin texture, reduce brown spots, brighten skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and improve acne and acne scarring. You should immediately see an irresistible glow, radiant skin and a vibrant complexion. All of our chemical peels are paired with a luxury facial treatment using premium medical-grade skincare products. 

How do I know if a chemical peel is right for me?

Choosing the treatment that will be most effective for you is often a difficult choice. That’s why we’re here to help! We will discuss your options with you and then formulate a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure you get the best results possible. 


Alumier™ MD peels aim to treat various imbalances in every skin tone, type and texture. After a thorough consultation, our team will choose your peel according to its ingredients and apply it in layers depending your skin’s immediate responses. Clients with particular skin disorders will be advised if an Alumier™ MD peel is beneficial for them, or if a different approach, would be more suitable.

Cease use of any products that contain retinoids (eg Retin-A, Tazorac, retinol), high percentages of vitamin C, or any AHAs or BHAs at least 7 days prior to treatment. Do not have skin treatments of any kind for at least 7 days prior to treatment.

Upon application of the peel, clients report a feeling of warmth and tingling that peaks and then dissipates within a couple minutes. The entire treatment is easily tolerable and precisely timed. Once the peel is neutralized, a soothing medicated moisturizer is applied to calm and rebalance the skin. Lastly, an SPF 30 is applied to protect your skin from UV damage.

At your consultation visit we will discuss what results you would like to see and provide treatment options to give you the best results. At the treatment, your face will be cleansed before the chemical solution is brushed onto your skin. The solution will be left on your skin for a few minutes before it is removed. All of our chemical peels are paired with a luxury facial treatment using premium medical-grade skincare products. All of our chemical peel treatments include the following steps:

  • Advanced Skin Complexion Analysis
  • cleanse
  • tone
  • exfoliate
  • peel prep
  • chemical peel solution
  • mask
  • moisturize
  • sunscreen application

To ensure gentle cleansing, hydration and sun protection, we will provide you with a kit of Alumier™ MD post-care cleanser, moisturizer and SPF to use in the days immediately following the peel. Light day makeup can be worn if necessary. No products containing retinoids (eg Retin-A, Tazora, retinol) should be used for at least 7 days after the peel. Do not have skin treatments of any kind for at least 7 days after the peel.

This will depend on your skin type, tone and texture. A single peel makes for a nice skin prep for an event, but for best results, a course of 2-3 peels is recommended. Our team will advise you at consultation what approach is best for you.


ready to get started?

We are pleased to offer complimentary consultations for both new and existing clients. The team at Rejuvena will help you get started on your personal transformation journey, guiding you to the options that give the best results.