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Sandra Peniston
Nurse Practitioner / Owner

Rejuvenate yourself…Beauty is more than about how you look…it’s about how you feel.

Sandra is a Nurse Practitioner with 27 years of nursing experience and the owner and Medical Director of Rejuvena Medical Aesthetics. Dedicated to providing natural-looking, non-surgical aesthetic enhancement, Sandra uses a wide range of treatments to create tailored treatment plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

 Injecting facial rejuvenation is an art to Sandra – her attention to detail and eye for natural beauty will produce the most natural, soft, and optimal results. With this in mind, she employs only the latest techniques, safest, and most effective products, and stays up-to-date with new trends and treatment protocols via continuous, ongoing medical education.

Natalie Akbar
Registered Nurse

Natalie has been a Registered Nurse for 15 years. She offers Medical Aesthetic Rejuvenation Treatments, and Medical Grade Skincare. She believes in a multifaceted, natural-looking approach to Medical Aesthetics. Natalie is proud to develop individualized treatment plans that are client-focused and pressure-free. Building a trusting nurse-client relationship is very important to her.

I absolutely love my Botox results with Nurse Natalie! I was very apprehensive about trying Botox for the first time as I was afraid of having “frozen face”. My results exceeded my expectations! Absolutely natural and I can still maintain my usual expressions just without all the wrinkles. I’ve had many compliments on how young my skin looks. Natalie’s approach is both professional and thorough. She really goes above and beyond to ensure that you are well informed on your aesthetic options but also that you are completely satisfied with your results. I’m thrilled to know that there are so many non-invasive options to ageing prevention! Thank you!
I met with Natalie Akbar, RN in December to help subdue the lines and dimpling in my forehead. I'm in my 30s and though I protect my skin and routinely use quality skincare products, I felt I needed something more. I am so glad that I started my Botox journey with Natalie! She is incredibly professional and thorough. She took her time to answer all of my questions and provided me with very helpful information. Having never experienced the procedure before, Natalie put me at ease with her warm and comforting demeanor. I'm not sure what I was expecting from my first visit but I must say that I was blown away by the results! Natalie is incredibly skilled and used her expertise to analyze my face and work towards the best possible outcome. She also has a gentle hand and I hardly felt the injections. Within a week I could not believe the results. Each day my forehead muscles relaxed and my skin looked smoother. By our follow-up visit, my "elevens" were almost completely eliminated and I saw a dramatic difference in the texture of my skin. I felt like myself only smoother, younger, and well rested (my sister says I look like I had the best sleep of my life). I will definitely continue to receive treatments from Natalie. It's totally worth the investment and I can't believe how lucky I am to have such a talented and skilled professional right here in Uxbridge!
Melanie C.


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